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Lisa Cach
"Dream of Me"

Dorchester, 2004

Theron, undying creature of the Night World, knows everything about making love. But though he’s an incubus, a bringer of carnal dreams to sleeping maids, he has grander ambition. He plots to step into the mortal world and rule as king. The beautiful Lucia is imprisoned in a fortress atop a mountain. Her betrothed, Prince Vlad of Wallachia, wants her purity intact; but when the prince breaks his vow, nothing can keep her safe. In the name of vengeance, Lucia will be subjected to Theron’s seduction; she will learn all his lips might teach. A demon of lust and a sheltered princess: each dreams of what they’ve never had. They’re about to get everything they wish . . . and more.
Jude Deveraux
"A Knight in Shining Armor"

(Time Travel)
Pocket Books, 1989

Abandoned by a cruel fate, lovely, thoroughly modern Dougless Montgomery lay weeping upon a cold tombstone in an English church. Suddenly, as if in answer to her prayers, the most extraordinary man appeared.
He was Nicholas Stafford, Earl of Thornwyck...and according to his tombstone he had died in1564. Tall,broad of shoulder, attired in gleaming silver and gold, he was magnificent. Drawn to his side by a bond so sudden and compelling it overshadowed reason, Dougless knew that Nicholas was nothing less than a miracle: a man who would not seek to change her, who found her perfect, fascinating, just as she was. Yet she could not imagine how strong were the chains that tied them to the past...or the grand adventure that lay before them....


Patti Berg
"Looking for a Hero"

(Time Travel)
Avon, 1998

Morgan "Black Heart" Farrell can't believe that the honey-haired siren is telling him the truth: that he's sailed right into the twentieth century. He desperately needs to get back to his ship and his own time. But for now, the widowed Kate seems to need a man -- a real man -- who can protect and comfort her. Black Heart knows he may have brought danger with him from the past, but he can't seem to resist Kate's cupid-bow mouth with its fiery kisses.
At first, Kate Cameron can't believe her eyes as they drink in the spectacular mystery man standiong on an otherwise deserted beach. Never mind that he's wearing a cutlass and looks like he washed onshore from an off-Broadway production of The Pirates of Penzance, Black Heart is the sexiest man Kate has ever seen. And she soon begins to believe that Morgan's heart may not be so black...but that he may be the hero she's been looking for.
Emma Holly
"Prince of Ice"

(Alternate Reality)
Berkley, 2006

In Midarri, Xishu Huon is a quarter-breed, which means she is considered inferior by the Yama as that 25 percent is the lowly human. She was Prince Corum's friend when he was a young boy, but exiled to an orphanage once her tainted blood became known and her skill to somehow caused Corum to feel emotions, a taboo amongst the Yama.
Years later Corum has not yet met his soulmate as his eyes remain non black; when the eyes turn, the Yama knows they have found their beloved. His royal parents worry for him so they encourage their offspring to accept a woman for his sexual pleasure and education. Corum has become known as the PRINCE OF ICE for obvious reasons, but he melts when he sees Xishu. As it becomes apparent that they are soulmates, adversaries continue Machiavellian plots to destroy the royals with Xishu their expendable pawn.


Christine Feehan, Emma Holly, Angela Knight, Maggie Shayne
"Hot Blooded"

Angela Knight
"Master of the Night"

Angela Knight
"Jane's Warlord"

Dara Joy
"Ritual of proof"

J. R. Ward
"Lover Awakened"


Emma Holly
"The Demon's Daughter"

Dara Joy


Cheryl Sterling
"What Do You Say to a Naked Elf?"


Jayne Castle
"After Dark"

Christine Feehan
"Dark Melody"

Virginia Henley


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